10 december 2014

20 november 2014

Ace And Tate Home Try-on

I'm a sucker for glasses. When I've discovered Ace and Tate, my eyes started to sparkle. I have to admit that I actually didn't even need new glasses, I already had two pairs, but I wanted something different. Luckily these gorgeous models are cheap (only 98 euros!) and, most importantly, you can try them at home before you buy them. And I've got another confession to make: I love trying on glasses. So I ordered my four faves five days ago and today I woke up with a smile and four pair of glasses on my face. The only problem is that I have to pick one pair (but it isn't obligatory) while I would love to have them all. Here they are!

1: Hudson

2: Alfred
3: Electric Lady
4: Nina



Electric lady


While my friends prefer the Nina, I think the Hudson model is more edgy. Thank God I still have four days left to make a decision (and I could use some help)! Have you also fallen in love with Ace and Tate? Go check out their website!